Gunite and Shotcrete Cement Installation



Global warming is an issue that has an impact on all nations around the world, because the use of fossil fuels some industries today are faced with the problem of green house gas emissions such as SO² and SO³ from Stacks and Chimneys that cause an effect on the environment, with the use of Flue Gas Desulfuriser FGD or Scrubbers these harmful emissions can be removed from the gas stream before it is released into the atmosphere.

The use of FGD and Scrubbers on Stacks causes sulfur dioxide to condense in the gas stream which produces a corrosive affect to the steel, brick and concrete Stack.

Queensland Gunite Pty Ltd is a specialist contractor in the supply and installation of Pre-Krete linings to Stacks and Scrubbers that provides complete protection from the corrosive effects of sulfur dioxide.

Pre-Krete G8 is an acid resistant mortar that is pneumatically applied with a usual thickness of 40 mm using wire mesh reinforcement.
For over 30 years Pre-Krete systems has an impressive track record on protection from corrosion. Call our office for more information on our products and services.

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Queensland Gunite supplies pre-mix dry mortar designed for Gunite Installations

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