Gunite and Shotcrete Cement Installation



Internal Gunite Lining

Water is one of the basic necessities of life, and leading scientists around the world are predicting growing shortages of this precious commodity on a global scale. For this reason, conservation of fresh water has been given top priority by environmentalists all over the world.

The Gunite process is saving Municipalities millions every year by its use in lining existing sewer mains. These lines, whether originally constructed of masonry or concrete, can be sealed and restored to full efficiency by installing a Gunite liner. While the liner will reduce the interior diameter, proper finish of the Gunite may increase flow coefficients to such a degree as to offset the reduction in size.

The cement lining of steel pipes by the spun lining or spinning method has been in practice for some time, as it is a necessity for the protection of steel against corrosion and abrasion. The Gunite process is also a speedy and inexpensive way of installing the lining to steel pipes whether at the point of fabrication or in situe. This is an advantage where fittings and bends are not practical for spun lining.

Gunite construction and Cement lining methods have contributed a great deal to this program, lined subterranean pipes and reservoirs can produce a lower per litre cost to convey and store water. Cement lining to steel pipes that convey water provides the ideal solution to corrosion of steel this in turn provides long term protection and reduces maintenance cost to a minimum, pipes with a diameter of 1 mitre up can successfully lined using the Gunite method.

Small Bore Internal Cement Lining

Queensland Gunite is equipped with Centrifugal Spraying equipment to cement line small bore diameter pipes from 75 mm > 1 mitre, pipes can be shop lined or installed on site.

Concrete Weight Coating

Gunite has other great advantages for the application of weight coating to pipes that require negative buoyancy that cross rivers, bays and inlets, Queensland Gunite Pty Ltd is a specialist contractor for the supply and application of concrete coatings to pipes. Gunite is usually applied to a thickness of 50-60 mm with wire mesh reinforcement; application can be done in the field which can reduce the cost of transport of pipes.

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Queensland Gunite supplies pre-mix dry mortar designed for Gunite Installations

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