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The importance of insulation has long been a major factor in our present day industry, insulation has been simplified and the costs reduce by the use of Gunite placed Refractory materials. Fossil fuels used to supply the world’s energy have caused an effect on the environment around the world; the seemingly endless war against pollution can be brought much nearer to an end by the use of properly installed refractory linings.

Refractory Gunite lined Boilers, Heaters and Furnaces will enable plant operators to run much higher exhaust temperatures, this will eliminate secondary combustion and excessive discharge of unburned fuel particles from entering the atmosphere. The use of Gunite placed refractory produces higher initial firing temperatures which enhances greater fuel efficiency and will help conserve our fossil fuels.

Most of the refractory materials developed today have been designed specifically for air placement or Gunite method, Stacks and Breeching linings today are almost exclusive province for Gunite, for this application, the Gunite method gives the designer a greater latitude as to the lining possibilities with weight, density, abrasion values which in turn produces easier and faster installation therefore less down time and costs saving to our energy needs.

Queensland Gunite have been involved in refractory lining projects for the past two decades in the supply of energy solutions to Oil Refineries, Power Plants and Industries, call our office for more details on our services.

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Queensland Gunite supplies pre-mix dry mortar designed for Gunite Installations

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